Fridays on the Fly: The Last Best Man

Friday immediately: the last best man

  Most fishingrs can be traced back to their early days of their flying fishing journey, and then to a single outing, and often make the outing from dear dad. Dad is often the main reason why most fishermen and women like and eventually become enthusiastic about fishing. But the situation is not always the case.

  At this time of last year, this outdoor brand Yeti turned this assumption to my mind with a moving video series called "My Old Man". This series follows several outstanding outdoor athletes and women, and emphasizes their respective their father’s role in bringing outdoor fun into life, and their own children to choose to share outdoor forces with outdoor forces.

  One of the videos introduced HiLARY HUTCHESON, and I interviewed an article about flying fishing women last year. Hutcheson grew up in Glacier, Montana, where her father was the Ranger of the National Park Service, and he had a unique story.

  Although her father’s family descent has fallen into a flies fishing culture and tradition, he has never regarded it as a kind of passion, but instead chooses the stimulus of climbing and other pursuit of the search and rescue that is more closely related to him. Essence Ranger is NPS. The following video title is "The Last Family", following Hilary and her father Dave. They made his first flying in the family waters in northwestern Montana in the northwestern Montana Prefecture. Fishing adventure.

  This is a moving short video that shows a rare role reversal. The daughter of fishing is obsessed with the art of fishing for flying fishing from her novice father, not the opposite. This became particularly exciting when Dave hooked his first catfish near the five -minute mark.

  The rest of the video in the Snowman’s "My Old Man" series, including a great short film, read on the fishing guide of the legendary composer Townes Van Zandt, J.T. Van Zandt and video analysis big wave surfers and fanatical hunter SHANE DORIAN, click here.