Fridays on the Fly: 5 Pros from the Blue Ridge Fly Fishing Scene Share Their Secrets

Friday immediately: Five professional people from the Flying Fishing scene from the Blue Ridge shared their secrets

  The world of flying fishing is constantly developing, and the role of this sport will follow. Many guidelines and masters today are both Instagram celebrities. Some people intertwine enthusiasm and hobbies (such as art and music), and their love for instant fishing fish, while others use flying fishing to meet and overcome challenges that may not be overcome.

  I want to learn more about the role I often see in my flying fishing and Facebook news, so I dug a little. I happened to fly and entangle catfish with most fishermen on one arm in a Virginia, two fishermen, a flying fishing tattoo artist from West Ashville, and a classic trained blue grass. Musicians, they can use the accuracy of flying rods and upright bass and upright bass.

  Learn about some of the most interesting and eclectic characters in the Blue Ridge Flying Fishing Scene.

  Josh Williams
Franklin County, Virginia.

  Josh Williams is an Iraqi war veterinarian. He lost his left arm in a motorcycle accident and drove in a feet in the province. Hude, Texas. The accident changed, but Josh did not let him slow down. He found flying fishing on the long rehabilitation road and participated in the sport with enthusiasm. Due to his injuries, he was fighting with fish with the help of his teeth. Shortly after using this sport, he began to tie his flies, and he was good at here, so that Orvis began to sell his two iconic patterns-Josh’s White (White " Lightning) and Josh’s Wiggle Hellgrammite. Today, locals in Franklin County, Virginia have a company called Dead Drift Flies, which specializes in clothing that tied up flies and guidance and flies fishing themes.


  What attracted you to participate in flying fishing?

  I always discover peace and excitement during fishing, and Flying fishing has raised it to a new level, especially the peace aspects after deployment, and later lost my left arm. When I hold the fish with only one arm, I will feel a sense of accomplishment, I like the comrades I found in the Flying Diaoyu community.


  Can the favorite fish be caught?

  My favorite is streamy fish. But in the summer, my heart belongs to the little Jaw.

  Favorite area fishing point?

  That’s difficult. I love several places within an hour. You already have James and Xinhe, as well as dozens of wild rainbow and local Brook Maoya stream. Botetoursrt County provides a very cool hiking flow with a beautiful waterfall named Roaring Run. Giles County has Little Stony Creek and a 69 -foot waterfall. Both streams have healthy wild rainbow and local Brooks. There are more, but you have to drive into my truck with a mask.

  The most important lesson you learned on water?

  The best lesson I learned about fishing in the area is grew up in the area. slow down. This becomes so important when Brook catfish fishing fishing. Take a few minutes to observe the scene, and then go to the water. You will see hidden catfish, feeding behavior and insect activities. By smooth and stable, you can cover the spots that vowed without fish, but provide a hidden gem in some way.

  The most memorable flies fishing time?

  I have some very interesting failures, and there are some amazing opportunities for fish fishing. But the crazy thing happened in Alaska in 2014 in 2014. After purifying multiple pink salmon, my pole grabbed it in the second part. A friend persuaded me to try to apply it only with a tip part (because my teeth do not require too much). I tried, in fact, I made a good actor. One is good enough to hang pink. The story and YouTube link can be found on

  What are the two most important flies in your flying box?

  Wool is used for warm water fish, and there is also a elk hair for cold water catfish. I have caught more fish in these models than any other model.

  Danny Ride
North Carolina Ashville

  Danny Reed is the co -founder of the Crooked Creek Holler. It is a unique clothing company that starts with stickers and T -shirts. When he does not fly fishing or works in his newly developed company, he can usually find one of his chief artists in the Hot Stuff Tattoo Shop of West Ashville. Whether he is in a tattoo shop or a new design for CROOKed Creek Holler, most of Danny’s art began in real life fishing adventure. Danny said: "I only created the design based on the captured fish or hunter animals." "All this tells a story. With the company’s development, I grew into outdoor activities. New fish, new art, new equipment, new equipment, new equipment, new equipment, new equipment, new equipment, new equipment, new equipment, new equipment, new equipment, new equipment And new experience. "

  Samsung CSC

  How do you go fishing? What attracted you to participate in this sport?

  I think that more fishing can escape work and daily activities than anything else, and actually go outside. Since 1999, I have lived in the Ashville area, and I think I really did not use all the great things provided in this area.

  Can the favorite fish be caught?

  Definitely small mouth bass. They were aggressive and fought exciting, especially on the flying rod. I respect them very much as a species. Their speed is very slow. It is great to know that the fish is 15-20 years old.

  Favorite area fishing point?

  I want to say that my favorite area attraction is in eastern Tennessee. There are many high -quality bass and catfish fishing in the area.

  The best suggestion or course you learned in the Blue Ridge fishing?

  The best lesson I learned about flying fishing is that they are less focused on fishing giant fish, and it is more happy that you work on the water instead of work. Don’t misunderstand me. It’s great to catch big fish, but the important thing is not to ignore its actual content -to rest and rest the reality.

  The most memorable flies fishing time?

  My most memorable fishing time is difficult to fix. I spent good time throughout the country. Capture big brown on South Holston may be unforgettable. I just caught some great carp, small mouths and Parker on the Beales Island of Michigan, but I had to say that I was very excited about Chase Chase Peacock Bass, Brazil in October in October.

  If you have to fish all your life, what will it be?

  This is tossing between the rubber legs of the wood chips or belt worms or Pat. Clouser’s is very suitable for freshwater and salt. Most fish eat them, but I caught many different species on the belt worm. Badfish, bass, carp, blue g, what you said. Freshwater fish like these things!

  Tom Sadler
Harrison, Virginia.

  Tom Sadler (Tom Sadler) through Washington (D.C. D.c. When the brutal political climate in Washington Special Economic Zone became too many unbearable, Tom left everything and went to the Cedar Valley of Cirrum in Virginia to hone him The flies fishing skills and shared with others. Today, he is the executive director of the American Outdoor Writers Association and the resident Tenkara guide of Mossy Creek Fly Frying.

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  How long have you been fishing? Is it running in your family?

  My grandfather, father and stepfather were flying fishermen, so I learned from them. I started dragging fishing ribbons on Moosehead Lake, Maine. As I got older, they taught me to cast a flying rod, and I never used anything else.

  Can the favorite fish be caught?

  Brook catfish is my favorite fish. They are greedy, acrobatics, and very beautiful.

  Favorite area fishing point?

  In Virginia, Rapidan in the National Park of Sedo, the Ganhe River in the Forest of the George Washington National Forest, and the moss creek in Augusta County.

  The best suggestion or course you provided by novices?

  Learn to use Tenkara rods. Seriously, this is the simplest and most effective way to fish mountain streams or spring streams.

  The most memorable fishing moment?

  As a guidance, the best memories were when customers caught fish that they would capture. The smile on their faces and the wonders of their eyes are unforgettable every time. This is the reason why guidance is so happy.

  If you have to choose a flight to fish, what will it be?

  Olive parachute lady X.

  George Daniel
Pennsylvania State University.

  George Daniel (George Daniel) has been fishing in the mountains of Pennsylvania since the age of six. Since then, he has not only been in the Blue Ridge, but also a highly respected fly fishing expert. He wrote a book literally about the nymph (dramatic nymph), and went to some of the most famous fishing holes in the world with a dragging rod. Today, he has a company named Livin ‘, who provides special guidance and guidance travel through the company through the company.Georgetaniel1_editMost of your life is fishing. Tell us the journey to bring you today.

  I grew up in a small village in northern New York and the Germanic Mannia on the border of Pennsylvania. We are a car family. My father is usually working, and there is a creek called the "Germans Mountain Branch" flows through our house. This is the only part of a child. I am the only child in the village, so I started to have my own private creek catfish fisheries from 6 to 14.

  Do you have a favorite species?

  When I started aiming at other species, catfish was my favorite. I like the place where catfish fishing, brought me to my place -from mountain streams in Pennsylvania to Italy and spring streams in Portugal, until western United States, until New Zealand. Although everyone wants to compare the similarity, the facts are not the same. Each stream contains its own unique problems to solve.

  Are you willing to share the favorite area fishing location?

  Central Pennsylvania. Perhaps it is because this is my home, and I have experienced a lot of good experiences. In addition, fish in the area are not easy to give up. I like a challenge. My family waters provide me with what most fishermen need regularly. This is a lot of money.

  Do you know the best suggestion or course of fishing in the area?

  After several actors lineups, don’t give up at the scene. Our streams have good catfish population, but they need good performance. This means that you must constantly change the weight of the nymph rig or change the size of the stem flies. Don’t give up a good place. Although this proposal is applicable to all waters, this is especially true in central Pennsylvania.

  Let’s listen to your best fish story.

  Both children caught their first catfish that day. Just seeing the spectacle and excitement in their eyes can let me return to the close emotional connection with the growth of catfish. When I continue to travel this country and the earth, the moment I watch my two children fishing, I will always be the favorite.

  If you have to choose a flight to fish, what will it be?

  "Trarting is a drug" is the favorite comments of streaming fishing fishermen. I have to admit that I am addicted to ribbon fishing, so I want to use the 6 Sparkle minnow ribbon pattern.

North Carolina Ashville

  SAV is the fishing manager of Orvis Asheville, where he spends most of the time to provide customers with valuable techniques about fishing in western North Carolina. When he was not on the catfish, he was hone his impressive music skills, which was a compartment, including the masterpiece of singing, Ban Zhuoqin, and the guitar picked up and stood up. In fact, he is one of the most important bassists in the rich blue grass scenes in western North Carolina. show. This is more information about SAV and his life.

  SAV High Res Credit Nathan Rivers Chesky, NRC Photography_FIX

  How do you go fishing?

  I grew up in rural areas in central Pennsylvania, and I was introduced to this sport very early because the area is a well -known catfish water, and flying fishing is a common pastime.

  What attracted you to participate in this sport?

  I like the challenges of fly casting, and this sport provides more opportunities for various ecosystems, insects, hydrology, etc. Fishing provides me with a framework to explore and experience my surrounding environment in a novel way.

  Can the favorite fish be caught?

  I have a soft spot for Brook catfish, especially the catfish discovered in the Mountains in the southern Abbarachia. Since the previous Ice Age, there are some special features in capturing local species in their living environment. They will easily adopt good flies. Their habitats are usually beautiful and distant. All these make them the favorite species that can chase the flies.

  Do you have a favorite area fishing point?

  In Asheville’s short -distance drive, there are so many amazing water, it is difficult to choose only one! In my opinion, the gems of rich resources in the western part of North Carolina are a large number of "blue lines" and greeted any fishingmen who look at the map! Many of our wild catfish streams are where I like to spend a period of time on the water for a while.

  Do you know the best suggestion or course of fishing in the area?

  The most important lesson I learned is that when becoming a better fishingman, it is impossible to replace the time when spent on water. In order to truly know a diverse and challenging ecosystem as Western North Carolina, you only need to put time on the water.

  What are you like to work in the flying fishing industry?

  My work in Over Asheville gave me the opportunity to interact with many people who are keen to fish. The most indelible in these moments is to see Fly Fisher excited about this sport! It is very meaningful to pass the love for outdoor.

  If you can only tie a fly within the remaining fishing day, what will it be?

  Sandal umbrella Adams. This is a multi -functional fly pattern, suggesting a large amount of food sources, and can be used almost anywhere!