Dumpster diving for whitefish livers

In late October, a gray, cold afternoon, I drove to Hickey Brother & RSquo; You can see if they have any white croar liver and delicious dishes. Only in the fishing village scattered in Dahu District in the north, their fans are almost like them.The dedication spirit is as worship.A friend from Aiwa, they fell into their spells, and they were about to hunt pine chickens and Woodcok. I knew he had folded his knees weakly on his knees.

You may shook your head incredible at this point, want to know What does this guy smoke?, But I guarantee that you are legal.Similar to the size and taste of chicken liver, but with a mild taste and cream texture, white fish liver (we are talking here, White Fish Lake, Coregonus ClupeaFormis) Sprinkle with flour or corn noodles, use butter or olive oil (or both sprinkle with a pot), and use it as an appetizer, with fried onion and pepper. If you move the spirit, you have any fresh mushrooms on your hand.Of course, tartar sauce and lemon wedge.Greunke & RSQUO & RSquo OS Inn, Berfield, Wisconsin, is usually considered to be the first restaurant to provide whitefish liver on its menu (this is some time in the 1940s) to provide services to the toasts.If you are willing, you can also throw away a small amount of smoky bacon, although you should resist the temptation to avoid being too fancy.

With the liver of white fish, there will definitely be more.

The third -generation commercial fisherman of Norwegian ancestry, Hickeys, Dennis and Jeff, sitting on the emerald waters of Baileys Harbour on the Peninsula at the entrance of Baileys Harbour, their hometown. The scenery is beautiful.The scar pierced in the orchard extends like a bone cone finger, from the "mainland" in Wisconsin.(This is where I lived at the time.) If Hickey is called a bell, it may be because these people have now applied their Gill network expertise to the task of eliminating aggression.Return to its brutal population.

It was when I worked at the Belles Yacht Club in the mid -1980s. At that time, Hickeys was mooring the boat, and the joy of Whitfish’s liver revealed to me.Willy Karlheim is a German foreigner. He is a model of European chefs with a hard work, temperament, and talented. From the day he was hired, he appeared on the menu.They literally came directly from hickeys & rsquo; boat to his kitchen, hundreds of feet from a distance.The first chef Willy tilted a black stir -fried pot on the appetizer, and shaken the liver, letting me try, I was fascinated.

I often recommend them to the guests of BHYC as the role of MAITRE D & RSquo ‘, and missionaries have spread his secret gospel.In the first few mouthfuls, you will see that their initial suspicionism disappears, replaced by expression, completely unexpected and joyful.

Now, I follow the narrow road on the north bank of the port, and the strong -ranking cedar is tightly attached to the sides of the land.There is a moderate partition hut here and there is no recognition style, interrupting the intricate green walls.

When I arrived at Hickeys & RSquo; not at the end of the road, but a place near, I walked out of a fish environment from the truck.I glanced at Dennis through the open garage door of the processing building, and the floor rose so that a truck of a sandals can be backup.He was holding a table on the table. He looked at the yellow oil skin, just like the commercial fishermen cast in the center: beef and wide shoulders, his face was dark, his curly hair, his tight golden hair almost almost almost almost almost his hair almost almost almost hair.Being white was white and white.sun.He is very similar to the actor Sterling Hayden. He is known for his role in a series of movies in the 1950s and 1960s Dr. StrangeloveEssence

I laughed at the noise of the hose to attract his attention."Hey," I called him, "Do you have white fish liver?"

He said, "I won’t." He hooked the handle of the nozzle on the nail."There are not many demand now. As our season is about to end white fish, we are" busiest than hell.This is just the time we are not worth saving them.

"But," he added, "Do you see the bathtub over there?"

I looked around and saw a rectangular bathtub, which was one of the heavy work made of gray plastic. It was placed on a wild meal table on a wild meal table on the edge of the woods.

"Uh, yes," I said.

"Okay," Dennis continued. "We just cleaned a bunch of white fish, and the guts were there. If you want to choose the liver, please help yourself. I will give you something to put them in.The gallbladder on the gallbladder, its yellow sac is fixed on the liver, you can miss it and be careful. You don’t want bile overflow. "

Free white fish liver; do I die to heaven?In the next hour, I reached out to get the guts and happily put the black leaves of the liver with another, uh, uh, thing Moreover, after following the instructions of Dennis & RSquo and carefully removed the gallbladder, he put it into the cylindrical plastic containers he provided (this frozen cherry).This is the purpose of diving for trash can, and it is difficult to explain its satisfaction.For example, picking berries or mushrooms, digging clams, immersion in infiltration and smelting or participating in other simple, simple gains, it seems to cause a strong pleasure response to human beings.By.

In other words: we are born for this.

There is an exaggerated liver in my container,; & mdash "enough to meet my needs".Family.

I arrived in the afternoon of the next day from the hunting partner in Iowa. When I told him, we had to have white fish liver, and he was almost lethargic.

As you may guess, all this happened.Just for fun, I called Hickeys & rsquo; A few days ago, it is now called Bellez Hong Kong Fish Company to see if they have any white croar liver.The friendly woman who answered the phone told me that I had to order at least three days in advance.

I should ask if I have my own choice.