Fall fishing can be magnificent. These tips will help you succeed.

This story was originally published in October 2019.

Many fishermen regard the end of summer as the end of fishing adventure this year, or at least until snow and ice cover their favorite lakes or ponds.Others were even more reluctant to clean up the fishing gear, and claimed that the autumn fishing could be as good as Maine found here.

"I think the biggest thing for most people is that the quality of the fish in autumn is better than what we see in the spring," "Grand Lake Stream has Weatherby’s hunting and fishing huts in Weatherby.Jeff Mcevoy said."[Fish] has prepared eggs, they are just fat, healthy and big. They eat all summer, so they are in a quality state when fishing in autumn (in the stream)."

Quick warning: The general fishing method of the state pointed out that the River in Maine, Brooks and Xili closed from October 1 to March 31.Therefore, fishermen who are interested in October (or higher version) must find water under the jurisdiction of special rules.In some popular choices: Grand Lake Stream is open, until October 20, the Kennebec River (open all year), St. George River) And Presumpscot River (open all year round).

Be sure to check the S code part of the National Fishing Law Book to ensure that the water of your fishing is actually open.

Rob Dunnett, a bread fisherman of Brewer, said predictive fishing was a great temptation for him.

Dunnett said: "The main attraction of fishing in autumn is catfish and salmon, especially large fish. As the water cools to the stage and eats actively before spawning, enter the stream and river."

Jeff Reardon, the director of Brooka, Brook, Maine Brooka, chose to aim at the autumn birds and waterfowls in autumn and rest for eggs.But he said that when he had more free time, he had enjoyed some autumn fishing and remembered some good times in the waters without wild fish populations.

"[I like to capture] inland salmon on the ribbon. This is mainly activity in late September, but it continues in October in some waters (such as Dahu Creek)."Lock the chin, but sometimes you will meet a day. If your speech is correct, the fish will fly violently. "

Streaming media flies usually imitate bait fish, or bright "attractors" flies, aiming to cause plunder fish attacks.

These fishing memories are still Reardon vividly.

He said: "I’m not sure anything may have fish than letting the ribbon get rid of what you doubt. It is more interesting to watch salmon wave on the flies and catch it."

So how do you fish fish in the autumn of Maine?These enthusiastic fishermen have some techniques that will help you benefit.

For example, Ride and Orange.

Mcevoy said that the fish that settled to Dahu Creek had been eating odor all summer, and it was likely to chase the ribbon.He likes red or yellow flies. He likes to fish quickly, and quickly strips the line after making an actor.

"To make fish strike, you need to stimulate the predatory reaction. Therefore, you need to fly," Mcevoy said."If you are just stable and slow, they will watch it swim, and you may not do anything, but if they feel that they must make a decision quickly, or they will be threatened by some things into their territory, theyWill chase it. "

Rayden said that capturing inland salmon may be more complicated than you think, but pay tribute to those who fish before.

"Doing this on the traditional Maine ribbon is unnecessary-salmon will hit wool worms or sacred hinged tungsten head synthetic hair glue, but it is difficult-but traditional models (such as SHUFELT special) or Colonel Bates or BlackGhost just feels correct, "he said.