Miners (the wading pants, that is)

  When retreating from Russia in 1812, many soldiers in Napoleon were defeated and exhausted.As the painful parade proceeded, the rotten feet lost their temper from the rotten feet to make the affected troops disgusting.The feet of French combatants began to swell.The most unfortunate blisters were covered by sores, invaded by opportunity to fungi, and then turned into a gangrene, and had to be amputated.

  For the first time, Dr. Larrey, a French surgeon, was recorded. He dropped some sad feet. This terrible pain reappeared and became rampant in the war ES during the First World War.Although the troops have significantly improved their shoes made by North British Rubber Company, their feet are still wet and remained humid in a long period of time, resulting in the same symptoms, but Larrey (Larrey)The doctor observed the same symptoms.

  In order to fight against TEG, it was known since then, and the British general issued an order that the effect was that each soldier was responsible for the care and support of the feet of another specific soldier.The dryness and cleaning of the compatriots (the treatment method of whale oil) greatly reduced the case of ditch feet, which is a responsibility to make the compatriots clean (whale oil treatment).

  After the Second World War, the feet became rare, until the emergence of the British huge rock music festival, where the bands of bands such as Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath and Metallica stood Sodden British Sodden Soden Soden Soden SodenA few days under Soden Soden Soden Soden Soden.

  If the troops in the war wearing a waist or chest boots, the ditch can not become a problem.At that time, there were such boots or wading people. For the first time, Hodgman Company, Hodgman Company, Massachusetts, was manufactured and sold in 1838.Since then, duck hunters, fishingmen, ATV riders, agricultural workers, water, water, water, water, water, water, water-suppliers and priests make comprehensive baptism.

  Heavy chest wading is a standard equipment in the chemical industry and mining.My first pair of breasts were made for the latter.Properly referred to as a miner’s chest wader and manufactured in Quebec, for underground, miners are known and the staple food in British Columbia.Fishing community.It is like the tire found on the deck boots, there is no belt ring with a wading belt, and no ankle support.Miners may always spend a lot of time working in the ground, but when wearing flowing water, they are completely dangerous.Despite these disadvantages, and the facts of sulfurized rubber manufacturing on the canvas reduce the flexibility of the boots, which seriously limits the user’s mobility. We usually wear them and usually have no belt.

  The leakage of the miner means that their wearer immediately wet the wader from 50 to 1 pound of water.The wading belt may reduce the weight of this kind of water anchor half or more, but if the fisherman is immersed in tilting, it will not have the opportunity to swim safely, and there is no opportunity to cause too low body temperature and/or drowning.Chance.

  River fishingrs soon learned that the rocks covered by moss were much safer than the rocks that were not.Some of them also noticed that their living room carpets are very similar to moss.Soon, the fishermen appeared on the river, threatening the stability of the newly discovered carpet boots.Soon after, we cut off the length of the indoor/outdoor carpet, and then felt that they used the barge cement to stick them to the ground shoes of the miner.

  Miners have been worn outdoors and the invention of ventilation fabrics.Their thickness is the same as the raincoat of commercial fishermen.They put the water and sweat.We stood in the cold river and stood in the middle of the river to cool the body soaked in sweat.

  Miners are sturdy.Then, we tear them with bicycle patch and contact with cement.A few years later, they expired.They are annoying and uncomfortable, but we only have.To be sure, there are other waders similar to miners.Some have belt circulation.Some boots with front boots, but their costs are not much better.

  At this time, I saw an advertisement called SEAL DRI in the fishing magazine.The American company claims that their latex is flexible and seamless.At that time, there was no online ordering and no Internet.It was troublesome to order by email, but after seeing a seal drill head in Peter Broomhall, I did it.

  Pete is a tall long -legged guy, and he encountered a lot of trouble in the low TROT of the miner.He cleverly solved the problem by cutting a pair of sealing DRI feet, and then used to touch the top of the solid gum boots with contact with the cement.With the additional protection of him seamlessly wading, Pete wore a pair of rain pants on it.