Local anglers to share fly fishing tales at museum

Waioming Prefecture Jackson-Jackson Hall History Society and Museum (JHHSM) will welcome speeches and long-term local fishermen boots, Paul Bruun, Paul Bruun, and Jay.Jay Buchner gave night beer and carnival dialogue on Tuesday, August 30 at 7 pm on August 30.

The three will talk about their experience in fishing in Jackson Hole, which will be chaired by Morgan Jaouen, executive director of JHHSM, and then informal dialogue format.The plan will enter the History Museum for free, and the beverages will be used to recommend donations.The door is open at 6:30 pm

"We look forward to gathered in the museum to return to face beer and jokes; for a long time, the favorite Jackson Cave activities, as people who live and breathe say!" Jane said.?

These three guests have long -term fishing resumes, so there are some information about each speaker in order to make you prepare at night.During the planning period, more details and general historical records will be shared.?

Boot Allen

Boots Allen is the third generation of fishing guidelines. Since the 1920s, his family has contributed to the development of fly fishing in Wyoming.Allen still began to guide his father and uncle when he was in high school, and continued to guide 30 seasons in the waters of Wyoming and Edaho.Allen also hosted a fishing trip to international destinations such as flying to Belize, Bahamas and Brazil.?

Allen is four books on Flying Fishing, a pen articles from the National Fly Fry Fishing Magazines, and the joint protection film jointly produced by Jah Trout Productions.Regional and national television programs use him as guests.?

Paul Bruun

After Paul Bruun came to the valley in 1973, he began to be the owner of a flying fishing fishingman and the nanda flying fishing floating.(RALPH Headrick) cooperated with the first high performance ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,ned that?He also served as the first fly fishing consultant of Patagonia, and today he is still a flying fishing ambassador.Recently, Bruun won two national awards to recognize many achievements he made in flying fishing. ?

Bruun’s career and fishing in fishing are parallel and have served as editors and journalists.He is JAxeson Cave Guide Edit Since 1973, it has been established Jackson Hall every day Newspaper 1978.He is currently written for the popular column of "outdoor"?Jackson Hall News and Guide, It has been printed for nearly 50 years.?

Jay Buchner (Jay Buchner)

Jay Buchner learned to tie flies from his eight -year -old grandfather.His fishing experience covers a range, from bait fishing in Mississippi Rivers in MAQUOKETA and Mississippi Rivers to Lake Canada (Northern Pike) and Northern Pike (Northern Pike), and then to Lake Canada, Canada.Small bass, and then fishing for cold water in Australia, the new catfish is in Zambezi River in Africa?

After moving to Jackson, Waioming State in the late 1960s, Jey turned his love for fishing into a career. He has instructed fishermen for nearly 35 years in Jackson Hall.Fishing shop.?

The plan of the plan is limited; the door opens at 6:30 pm, and the conversation starts at 7 pm.For more information, visit the JHHSM website or call 307-733-2414.?