A Minnesota Expert Shares His Secrets to Jigging for Stream Trout

Like the Maoyu Creek in southeast of Minnesota, Tamarack Creek does not look like blue silk catfish.It is very beautiful because it bypass the green pasture and cuts along the bottom of the trees, but you will not find any Fly foot wheel on the drifting ship or the wooden house resort, and the mountains are soaring in the background.

However, Tamarack does have a large number of natural breeding brown catfish. These fish are both shy and aggressive, depending on the conditions and skills of the fishermen.This makes TamaRack Creek an ideal place for Mike Jeresek to test some of the latest fixtures he bundled, and have the opportunity to stick to my fit.

Fishing photos
Mike Jeresek in the Tamarack Creek of Minnesota is linked to his homemade fixture. Scott Bestul

Jeresek is a retired teacher and coach. He is a enthusiastic catfish fishing man. He once fished for Brown, Brooks and Rainbow."I started with bait, as early as the 1960s," he explained that his vehicle acted along the wind road to Tamarak."I am tired of this and learned to fly fish. Later, I noticed that my brother who threw down the Raplas with a rotating equipment was better than me, so I changed it again."

Jeresek then talked with a catfish fisherman. He performed well with most people used corneal white spots and debris.Jerusk told me: "He talked about their versatility, and what he said made it meaningful to me." "Of course, he also mentioned that the brown catfish of the world record was caught.","

Photos of homemade catfish fixture
In order to make his fixture, Jeserek just put on a Berkeley PowerBait Minnow on a round head clip, and then stick it to the appropriate position. Scott Bestul

When Jeresek began to throw fixture for catfish for the first time, he was the habitat of the local catfish unlimited (TU) branch to improve the chair, so he knew all the best places for trying the new bait.He said: "I was in a hurry to find that the people who talked to me about the fixture were right." "I like what they like most-almost the same, the catfish is like a crazy fact, I can control the action of bait.The bait works at only one speed, but I can perform a fixture at most at any speed and bring it I want the action. I tear it out of the fixture, tear it with the current, drag it downstream, put it on itSitting down, lifting it or swimming near the ground. I go to the catfish cruise and pick up the fixture from the bottom. That is its beauty; you can adjust the performance through the performance of the fish that day. "

After preparing, I followed the lush river bank of Tamarack Creek, downstream.Both of us are full of ultra -light rotating sticks carefully made by local catfish fishing fishermen Jim Reinhardt, which is a retired mathematical teacher and a high school celebrity football coach.His rod is 5 feet long, and the rotating couple’s answer to the 4 -heavy flying rod -the tip is very sensitive, but with enough skeleton to fight the big brown.Our open -air scroll is equipped with a 4 -pound single channel, which is used for the back of the back, with a tip of 20 yards of 4 -pound nanometer.Nano (nano) "put it for one mile, but there was no tangled, and the catfish could not see it," nano was not tangled, "

After 30 minutes of walking, Jerryk finally stopped in a swimming pool with a current with a current in the pond.Jeresek cast a clip hook fixed on the clip hook with a 3 -inch Berkeley PowerBait Minnow, and fell into pulsating brown in his third actor lineup.The 14 -inch catfish uses the current and structure to provide all the battles I want, and then shot.Jeresek smiled, released the fish, and then landed with two continuous actor lineups."It’s your turn," he said, waved forward.My first actor’s lineup for a long time, but jumped off from the bank and slid into the water.When I felt a strong faucet proved to be a rock, I only made two crank on the scroll, but in the next actor’s lineup -this time more accurate -a fashionable and furry brown beating my temptation."Atta boy," Jerusk said with the voice of the best retired coach.

I used to fish with Jeresek, and pointed out that Berkeley Minnows was a new turning point.He told me: "I just like the test and find that they are effective, interesting and simple." "I tie my fixture with Marabou and other materials for a while.Upper-at least it is solved now. I can make up for them so quickly. I just slide a body on the clip hook, stick to my head, hang it on my head with glue, and put it upside down to dry overnight.Do it twelve times in a few minutes, which is as simple as possible. Not long ago, the TU chapter will have a flying night. I want to show up my small box and say. ‘Where can I set it? "

It took us more than two hours to return to the truck, but the action has been stable.Jeresek grabbed 33 catfish on the way. Although none of them were huge, he landed at least two other catfish.In a structured Gurgling run, he grabbed and landed five brown on the continuous actor table.I managed about twelve fish, but sticking with the same bait is simple and retrieved.At the same time, my mentor has been constantly switching to fixtures and mixing direct tugboats with pauses.Like most experts, he seems to feel that the change of changes makes the fish needs or want different appearances, speeds or size.

Photos of brown catfish
During our outing, only 33 brown -colored catfish Jeresek was sandwiched on a fixture. Scott Bestul

Like other experts, he is not afraid of testing at all.Although fishermen like me will be satisfied, if the bait will occasionally strike, the real ace rides for a while, and then seems to ask: "Okay, if they like it, what about it?"Mike Jeresek first decided to leave the comfort world of leaving bait, flies and rotators, and rotated the fixture.At least now there is no look back.??????