Reporter Speaks Out After Alabama Prison Official Said Her ‘Skirt Was Too Short’ to Witness Execution

  A local reporter said that officials at the Alabama Correctional Bureau initially stated that she would not see the execution last week because her skirts and shoes violated the dress requirements of the prison.

  In a detailed event,’s reporter and executive producer Ivana Hrynkiw wrote last week that the representative of the Correctional Bureau "publicly told me that I could not see the death penalty because my skirt was too short."

  Hrynkiw shared that she was wearing the same skirts in the past and other professional activities, and thought it was "inappropriate" clothing.

  The reporter added: "I tried to pull the skirt to the hips so that the skirt was longer, but the informed that was still inappropriate."


  Hrynkiw wrote that a raincoat lent by a local TV photographer, but even if she put on a "fisherman’s wading pants", there was a problem with the shoe officials of the Corporation.The reporter wrote that she was told that her toe high heels were "too revealed."

  After retiring a pair of sneakers from the car, Hrinkew said that she was permitted to be executed by William C. Holman in Atmore.

  Hrynkiw wrote on Twitter: "Although a pair of waders who have never seen a man and casual tennis shoes I have never seen, I continue to do my job."I feel embarrassed in front of a room where most of the people I have never seen before. "

  Ivana hrynkiw shaawara/Instagram Ivana Hrynkiw

  According to reports, the Associated Press reporter Kim Chandler also received clothing inspections that night, although prison officials determined Chandler’s clothing suitable for dressing requirements.Chandler has been reporting to execute since 2002, and he said on Twitter, "This is the time I must check."

  After inquiring why they were inspected, Chandler said that the prison spokesman said "guarding the dressing requirements", and they later provided links and prisoners with the visiting policy."

  Chandler added: "Obviously, I have no problem with the requirements for dressing, but please pay attention." "Adoc said it will do so in the future and apologize for any chaos.Women have a greater review, which is another debate). "

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  In a statement obtained by, the Alabama State Correction Bureau (without responding to the request of people’s comment immediately) said that the prison commander of each facility "" according to each event and the current safety conditions, they are all safe conditions.Implement the dress specifications of the department.

  The statement continues: "In the future, it will be ADOC’s policy to remind all media members before any media activities that occur in ADOC facilities."

  The statement includes an apology "any confusion or inconvenience caused by this regulation," and expressed his hope to remind the media in advance to avoid repeating this situation.

  According to, the dress specifications require "all dresses, skirts and pants should be extended to below the knee (only female). Disassembling/gap must be the knee length or lower (only female)", and the only banned shoesThe items listed in the class are "slippers, shower shoes and beach shoes".

  The Alabama State Correction Bureau includes similar languages about dresses, skirts, pants and shoes, and all the "visitors should wear business or business leisure clothing".


  The chief and vice president of the content of Alabama Media Group issued a support statement on Hrynkiw on Twitter, saying that "what she happened last night was wrong."

  Kelly Ann Scott told "This is unacceptable, unequal treatment."They continued to report the story to the audience in Alabama.

  Scott continued to call this incident "gender discrimination and serious violations of professional behaviors", and pointed out that "should not happen to any other reporters again." reported on Friday that it had officially complained to the state’s Correctional Bureau and Governor Kay Ivey and Alabama State Steve Marshall.

  Julie Pace, the executive editor of the Associated Press, also wrote to Ivey on Friday. He wrote in the letter that the Associated Press sent the incident to "humiliation, discrimination and discrimination andThey are unacceptable behaviors they are asked to witness. "

  The Associated Press called on the Avi office to "investigate the incident and ensure that this behavior does not tolerate this behavior, and it will not happen again."

Chamber welcomes Sanibel Fly Outfitters with ribbon cutting

Sanibel & Captiva Islands Chamber of Commerce
The representative of the Sanibel & Captiva Islands Chamber of Commerce recently celebrated the opening ceremony of Sanibel Fly Outfitters, and used biodegradable multicolored paper crumbs and ribbons.

The owner Whitney Jones expanded the fishing reputation of Whitney’s Bait & Tackle, a local fishing expert Norm Ziegler’s heritage. On June 30th, the Sanibel & Captiva IslandsCaptiva Inlands Cobers of Cublobon Cutch celebrated the grand opening ceremony of Sanibel Fly Outfitters.

Jones said.

Jones began a fishing career in 1990 in Kitty Hawk in North Carolina, where he worked in a spatula shop and learned to build a custom fishing rod accompanied by the shop owner.After admiring all the fishing, he decided to go out alone and opened the first Whitney’s Bait & Tack in Kitty Hawk in 1993.

In 2003, Jones visited Sanbeel for the first time and loved the area very much. He decided to move one year later.When working in a local bait shop, he obtained the captain’s license and began to explore the island waters.Jones left the bait shop in 2007 as the captain of the full -time fishing charter alone.In 2012, he opened Whitney’s bait and spaskets in Periwinkle Way, and later dedicated most of the shops to fishing and showed the rods, scrolls, flies and all related equipment.When Ziler decided to sell his own store, Jones quickly seized the opportunity to continue heritage.

Jones (Jones) is active in the club, protecting and charitable, such as Captain Cleansing Water, Sanibel-Captiva Protection Foundation, asylum and Sanibel School.

He says.

Jones added that this store is the largest flying fishing choice on the radius of 50 miles and recommend his flying fishing rental, which covers the lease from Boca Grande to Key.West) waters, participating in one or two or two gatherings.

John Lei, chairman and CEO of the Chamber of Commerce.

Jones said.

Sanibel Fly Outfitters is located in Sanibel’s 2242 Periwinkle Way.

Patagonia Men’s Gunnison Gorge Wading Pants

  When the heat of summer and the icy catfish stream gathered together, imagine your favorite khaku fishing all day long.Only the wet feet and the bumps of goose.This is our Gunnison Gorge’s pants -pants -the greatest comfort concept.Constructed by a single seam structure, this seam from the highest wear area routing to a vital area to improve durability and the 4 -layer H2NO? performance standard fabric we test and passes throughWater deworming), gunnisons keeps you dry and comfortable.In the water, they look and feel like ordinary pants, with side burrs, which can create a clean tailor -made waist, making them easy to get up and down, self -effect belt ring and a stretched wading belt, and have a low -key ones with low -key onesCurbine belt buckle can be adjusted.The bended knees and the improved Y joint CROT improved the flexibility, and the new tablet gravel guards exhausted water faster than our old design, and resisting and wear at hikes or wading.Below the new gravel guards, the stolen goods we have improved are more anatomical, similar to the fit of socks, made of thick 4mm chlorine rubber.Compact.Moreover, because you are always only one step away from accidental swimming, the internal waterproof TPU welding utility pockets can protect the camera, telephone or alarm remote control.Including on -site maintenance kits.

  These multifunctional and lightweight waterproof/breathable water -related pants have the side burrs, which can easily open and close it, and make more tailor -made and cleaner in the waist production.They have updated the stolen goods and gravel hoods in anatomy, and have less tablet structure to reduce wear.

  H2NO? Performance Fiber Shell, which has a proprietary waterproof/breathable barrier and C6 DWR (lasting insect repellent) trim SSC (single -seam structure) seam completely eliminating the inside of the belt ring of the legs of the legsThe seams on the highest wear point; the full elastic band; the hanger ring on the back of the internal center, can easily and dry thread racks, make it easy to open and close, and make it more tailor -made on the loose Lege leg.The volume of the left and right boots is cleaner, which is more similar to socks.Elastic 4mmmmomyene can resist more durability Flat-Panel Construction, which simplifies the fragmented wear and Wearh2no? performance standard shell: 4 layers, 5.6 ounce 100 % polyester fiber microorganisms, high density Taftev,The tower, with water level waterproof/breathable barrier and C6 DWR (durable) (durable) (durable) (durable) (insect repellent).Stubing: 4 mm chloroprine rubber, the bottom of the wear -resistant fabric is 887 g (31 ounces) in Vietnam.

New York State DEC to Host Third Annual Women’s Fishing Expo

The New York State Environmental Protection (DEC) and parks, entertainment and historical protection office (state park) will hold the third annual women’s fishing expo at the Connetquot River State Park Preserve at 10 am on September 17, 2022.-Am 2 pm

"Women are important and rapid growth of New York fishing and outdoor entertainment communities," DEC Commissioner Basil Seggos saidEssence"DEC’s annual women’s fishing expo provides participants with the necessary skills and knowledge of confidence in outdoor and fishing."

"Fishing is a good way to enjoy our beautiful state park throughout the year," Erik Kulleseid, a commissioner in the State Park, saidEssence"We are glad to cooperate with DEC to provide the women’s expo again. This opens the opportunity to understand more information about life -long exercises, make it a family experience, or just a quiet vacation."

"DEC provides this excellent plan again," said Cathy Haas, DEC regional director. "" Long Island has many wonderful fishing areas. We are eager to introduce this useful event to women who may not have the opportunity to participate in the past fishing expo. "

Women’s Fishing Expo will provide hands -on guidance and experiential learning in an interesting and supportive environment.The event will be held by female fishermen and fisheries professionals.There will also be women owned by women and fishing clubs for online opportunities.Everyone is welcome to participate, although the event focuses on fishing at women.

The expo event starts at 10 am, which is free.Participants will be able to understand the basic knowledge of Long Island and the whole state, the basic knowledge of fishing, and intermediate fishing skills, basic knots, fly state demonstrations, fishing guidance, fisheries management information, catfish incubation farms, maritime fishing information and free on the famous Connetquot Riverfishing.Flying and fly fishing are limited to those who are 14 years old and over.

According to the latest national fishing, hunting and wild animal -related entertainment surveys conducted by American Fish and Wildlife Service Bureau, women account for more than 25 % of all fishermen. This number has increased in the past few decades.

This is a rain or shining incident.The seat is limited and needs to be registered.For more information or register, please call (631) 444-0283 and DEC’s i Fish NY plan, or send emails to, and with the topic title "Women’s Fishing Expo"Essence

The vehicle use fee is 8 US dollars.Imperial passport holders stop for free.In 2021, the imperial passport can be purchased at a price of $ 80 at the State Park Office, or it can also be purchased online at the New York State Park website (Least DEC website).

Regarding information about freshwater fishing on Long Island, please call (631) 444-0280, email calls the DEC Fisheries Bureau or visiting DEC.

New York State has expanded the leisure opportunities of residents and tourists, positioned New York as an entertainment destination, associated the community with state land, and improved the quality of life.The New York Open Fishing and Hunting Plan is to improve the entertainment opportunities of athletes and women and promote tourism activities in the state.This includes simplifying fishing and hunting permits, reducing permit fees, improving fish acquisition, and increasing hunting opportunities in the state.In order to support this initiative, New York engineering funds are 10 million US dollars for maintenance of fish incubation fields and 50 new land and water channel projects, such as ship launch, hunting shutter, trails and parking lots.

In order to further encourage fishing, the legislation was signed in 2012, expanding the opportunities of free fishing clinics, and more New Yorkers experienced fishing for the first time by the number of free clinics held in the state.The free fishing day plan started in 1991 to give everyone the opportunity to taste the incredible New York fishing.

Women help others learn how to build a fishing rod
People learn to throw a line into the water
Woman holding fish

10 Best Wading Boots for 2022

  The best wading boots in 2022 need to be suitable for your budget, but they also need to be suitable for the fishing conditions and fishing styles you need.Among the 10 best flying fishing boots of this gear guide, we chose our favorite boots to prepare for durability, agility, traction and overall price value.

  In the process, we will share your key functions needed in fishing shoes and boots.In addition, we will show you how to make a decision between the felt shoe soles or rubber soles on the wading boots.

  And your budget question?Summer fishermen in leisure weekend can usually get excellent results from entry -level and mid -range boots, but if you fish more than 20 times a year, the more expensive wading boots will be your best wading boots.EssenceEssenceBecause its duration will be more than twice that the beginners focusing on the budget.

  Before we deepen the wading, you should know that the best wading boots design is used with storage and wading and wading. These wading wading and wading and wading and wading and wading and wading and wading and wading and wading and wading and wading and wading and wading and wading, their choprye rubber stolen goods will occupy yourSpace in wading boots.So what sizes should you get?Now, most manufacturers suggest that you choose a size of a size from ordinary American street shoes.For example, if you are on the 11th, please order a size 12 wading boots.This is the way Simms, ORVIS, Redington and Korkers wading boots, but not everyone does this.We recommend that you check the size chart carefully when buying online.

  However, if you don’t want to wear wading at all, and you just want to wear short pants curly hair in the hot summer on the hot summer?good question.We like to wear only wading boots, hot summer flying fishing.You can do this: you can reduce the size, but the best way is to get a pair of chlorherye socks, which will occupy the extra space in the boots.


  Table of contents:

  Best wading boots: felt and rubber soles
10 best wading boots fishing 2022

SIMMS G4 PRO water -related boots -the best long -term durability
Danna’s Batayonia foot tractor -related boots -best wet traction
ORVIS PRO Aquatic Boots -Best Full Gallout Boots
SIMMS FLYGEAight Access Wading Boots -Best All Rubber Trail
ORVIS ultra -light wading boots -the best low -key ankle
Korkers Devil’s canyon wading boots -the best unique multifunctional
Redington Prowler -PRO wading boots -favorite 200 dollars wading boots
SIMMS tributarization boots -best entry -level wading boots
Korker Greenback Water -related Boots -The second favorite entry -level wading boots
Cabla’s ultra -light wading boots -the best wading boots below $ 100

Women’s best wading boots
Common answers to water -related guidance

What kind of boots do you wear with wading?
Who made the best wading boots?
Why do I choose to have a wading boots with a felt sole?
Why do I choose the wading boots with rubber soles?

What about the best wading boots suitable for women?In the past few years, most women have to choose smaller men’s boots, but now some manufacturers have made wading boots for women with appropriate size suitable for women’s feet.It jumps to the best boots of women’s shoe departments for women’s top water -related boots in 2022.


  Do you need the best wading boots in salt water?The suggestions under our best salt water wading boots to get more details.

  Before choosing a pair of wading boots, you should first consider the problem of traditional felt and rubber soles.If you are mainly fishing in rivers and lakes under the state of prohibiting the sole, your answer is simple: choose the wading boots of the rubber pad.

  Which states are prohibited to feel soles?Alaska, Maryland, Missouri, Nebraska, Rhode Island and South Dakota.

  So why do these states be banned from feeling sole?

  People’s doubts are that invasive species can be immersed in felt soles of the water -related boots and ride from one waterway to another.Although it is possible, for most flying fishermen, the risk is very low, partly because most people cannot fish quickly in multiple areas.Nevertheless, if you plan to fish in waters with invasive species, choose rubber pad boots.Of course, like the invasive New Zealand mud snail, bad animals can ride on most equipment.If you want to fish, you must completely dry all gears and/or sterilize between travel in the sun.

  On the other hand, the bottom of the felt shoes provides traction on the slippery rocks and is difficult to defeat.On dry land?Rubber is usually better.For more details, please skip why you choose the wading boots with a felt sole?

  This is our favorite 10 best wading boots. According to the overall durability, functions and prices of value ranking.Frankly speaking, we only trust a few boot manufacturers -it is difficult to find time to go to the water, so why do we struggle with bad boots?

  All of our top ten wading boots have produced several different styles -than all the styles we mentioned are trustworthy -but this is the most consistent water -related boots we recommend:

  SIMM always produces high -quality equipment. Almost all SIMMS wading boots can be said to be one of our best wading boots because they often last for a long time.However, the newly updated G4 Pro Wading is difficult to defeat with Vibram Soles.These extremely stable water -related boots are built inside the chlorine rubber to increase the warmth and comfort. The sole accepts Simms optional anti -slip nails with additional traction.The shoe helper is shaped by vacuum vacuum with a needle -free TPU to resist wear.The new shoelace system is low -key and uses non -corrosive hardware.

  The spacious toe box is covered with a burly rubber toe kick.Of course, SIMMS provides a unique version of the felt. If you want to improve the traction of the land, it can also accept the nut.Note: Select 1 size from the conventional shoes size to make it suitable for the appropriate G4 Pro Fit that is suitable for the wader. If you wear 11 shoes, you should order No. 12 size in G4 Pro.

  Buy Simms G4 boots in the following way:

  Simms | Aventuron | Remote | Trident Flying Fishing


  Batayonia shocked the wading boots industry with Danner in Portland, Oregon. This is the best Oregon manufacturer in the world in the world.The new type of Batayonia -foot tractor built by Danner has completely redesigned to provide better durability, fit and comfort.These burly boots are expected to provide the stability of the day and continue in many years of abuse.The traction began at Grippy Vibram IDRogrip rubber, but then moved to another level with Patagonia’s patented aluminum rod.Passing through the strip of Slim, I bite a bite on the rock.Although the bar of the previous generation span the width of your favorite feet, the new version of the feet have two strips, and they are separated under your front foot.The new design enables the only bending to make the rod better in line with the surface of the rock.

  As for the weight, the Batayonia foot tractor is large and burly, each dual about 86 ounces.These boots are made of waterproof all -granular leather and equipped with 1,000 powder nylon panels.Is there any disadvantages?Patagonia foot tractors’ water -related boots can easily become the most expensive boots in this list, but they are made in the United States and received support from the IronClad of Batayonia.In terms of size, Patagonia recommends that you insist on using conventional street shoes size. If you plan to wear typical spoilers (do not have size when ordering), please wear a pedal tractor and wading boots.


  Battania | Avidmax | Remote areas


  ORVIS Pro Wading Boots started with Michelin’s partnership -this is a tire company.ORVIS PRO’s wading boots use a rubber sole compound designed for flying fishing.The resulting Michelin outdoor extreme bottom is expected to provide great abrasion resistance while improving the traction of wet rubber.But ORVIS did not stop here: the company cooperated with Ortholite, and created a 3D model for the high -influential sports X25 insole.The CAST PU upper eliminates the seams and forms the so -called cage of ORVIS to increase the stability.Orvis Pro boots have high ankles for additional support.The front of the sole extends to protect the toe protection and a burly rubber toe bumper.The last note: We particularly like the heels of the heels for easy opening/level.

  Buy ORVIS PRO wading boots in the following way:

  ORVIS | Fishwest | Trident Flying Fishing


  In 2022, the new product of Simms Flyweaight Access Wading Boot and our favorite ultra -light wading boots (previous generation comments) should not be confused.The new lightweight access has similar lightweight and agile construction designs, but the key difference is to use the new exclusive Vibram Vibram Idrogrip Flex Flex Office.It uses a softer rubber compound design to make it the most harsh rubber pad boots Simms.Does it have disadvantages?Soft rubber compounds wear faster than hard rubber compounds, which means that lightweight wading boots will not last as lasting as Simms G3 Guide or G4 Pro Wading boots.However, if you want lightweight comfort and rubber pads close to felt performance, then lightweight access may be your correct choice.As for construction, you can still get a durable TPU superposition layer in high envoys and rubber toe Rand. We appreciate it very much in the previous lightweight version.

  Buy Simms Flywly Lightweight Rating Boots in the following way:

  SIMMS | Trident Flying Fishing


  Orvis said that the fast -drying Clarino micro fiber in the Orvis Ultramit Wading boots can provide better intensity ratio than leather.The weight of their super -light -10 size is about 1.25 pounds (this pair of 40 ounces).If your ankle is not good, please note that the height of the ankle height obtained by most wading boots -but in fact, we like the extra flexible feeling brought by the short wading boots.In fact, we think that the short ankle height can help you get more feelings from the boots when walking on the ground, so as to get better balance and agility.The overall fit is a bit small, absolutely fits the standard socks, so if you are half a size in your street shoes, be sure to.Is there any disadvantages?ORVIS Ultralight’s wading boots are only equipped with rubber soles, but they do accept ORVIS’s POSIGRIP screw nuts to increase the cavity.Read our complete ORVIS ultra -lightweight wading boots to obtain more details.All in all, if you want lightweight packaging and wading boots, the candidate list should be placed on the Orvis Ultramt Wading boots.

  Buy ORVIS ultra -lightweight wading boots in the following way:

  ORVIS | Fish West


  Korkers Devil’s canyon wading boots are much better than at first glance.In fact, they have become our favorite Korkers boots.The reason is as follows: The devil’s canyon is a very light and agile boots.The upper extends to the ankle and provides unexpected good support -it can almost launch to your ankle.However, when you are fighting on the rock, the devil’s canyon feels agile in some way.To better, the M2 BOA laces system is easy to adjust and opens wide, making it easy to enter and exit.In addition, most of the design can also resist sticks and rocks.The stitching around the lid is embedded, which further protects the sutures from wear.

  At the same time, Korker claims that the company’s Omnitrax can be exchanged for unique system, which allows you to convert from felt to rubber or even nail rubber soles.By the way, if you are in a state of prohibition, then Korkers Triple Traint Aluminum Hex’s only choice (reading our triple threatening Hex’s only comment to obtain more details) will bring real outstanding traction.


  Amazon | Korkers | Trident Flying Fishing


  Redington Prowler-Pro is the best wading boots of Redington, which provides excellent price and value ratio.In fact, this is our favorite wading boots within the price range below $ 200.Prowler-PRO is surprisingly light, flexible and stable, which makes them an ideal choice for active fishermen.They run slightly, but the comfort used to boast of the box.The toe box is spacious, but it is easy to be comfortable.We have put a lot of miles on the previous generation of Prowler Wading Boot, and the new Prowler-PRO promises to provide similar durability-reading our first Prowler-PRO comments to obtain more details.Readon improved drainage, reduced weight and modernized overall design.We particularly appreciate the new high -heeled shoe trapezoidal wall rack, which makes the long one -day fishing very relaxed and make the boots stand out.Oh, there is another thing: the redington design choice of color and material looks great.

  When moist, sticky rubber is very good and can be compatible with extra traction.We have multiple reviewers spend time on these boots, and they all like to integrate stability and feelings.They also have felt silk versions.

  Buy Redington PROWLER-PRO at the following location:

  Avidmax | Aventuron | Remote areas


  SIMMS tributarization boots are our top entry -level wading boots.It provides long -term durability fusion, which is still affordable for those who start to spend more seriously on water fishing.Simms has redesigned its latest version of the tributary version, including more simplified, solid structures, including new corrosion -resistant shoelace hardware.The chlorine rubber lining improves comfort, and it is easy to enter and exit the front and rear ring.The rubber toe hat is very large, and it can resist sharp rocks.The rubber sole is different from the Vibram IDRogrip material on the SIMMS high -end boots, but if you need extra grip, it is compatible.Simms also touched.

  Buy SIMMS tributaries in the following way:

  Simms | Fish West


  Korker Greenback is Korkers’s entry -level wading boots, which is a great value.Sometimes you can find a green back containing only one sole under the lower price, but we recommend that you choose a felt and rubber sole under possible circumstances.It is more widely used.Although it is entry -level boots, Omnitrax’s only system is as good as the high -end options of Korkers, including the wading boots of the Devil’s Canyon Canyon.Switching, material and manufacturing quality are durable.The overall design is classic and solid.Hydrophobic leather and textile upper are quickly dry.The traditional shoelace system runs well during humidity. If you want a closer front foot or a loose ankle, it can help you dial, and vice versa.With the help of the exchanges Omnitrax sole, the price of this price is very good.


  Amazon | Korkers | Bass professional store


  The affordable Cabela’s ultra -light wading boots exceeds its weight -they are equipped with 28 hard anti -slip nails, which can add additional traction.They have the side grid for drainage, the steel handle for stability to prevent SCUFF toe and high heels.In addition, they use rubber sole options and screw nails.The general combination of functions and prices makes these boots easy to recommend to anyone who is intense budget.In fact, Cabela’s only wading boots are the only boots we think worth investing less than $ 80.As you expected, Cabela does provide a more rough choice -Cabela’s felt cotton shoes -but their costs are also higher.

  The ultra -light type of wading boots of Cabla:



  Redington Aurora Waterwater -Perhaps the best overall
Redington benchmark wading boots (and felt options) -Only price to value
ORVIS ultra -light wading boots -ultra -light, very flexible
SIMMS Women’s Light and Wetwater Boots -Lightweight but durable
Korkers Buck Cotton Wading Boots -felt and rubber, which can be swapped
Cabla’s ultra -light wading boots -good price to value ratio
ORVIS Women’s Clearwater Aquatic Boot Rubber (I think the only choice)


  What kind of boots do you wear with wading?
The best boots of socks and wading and wading are specially designed wading boots.The size of the wading boots is greater than conventional boots, so the boots are space for your socks and chopheree socks on the wader.Can you match the large hiking boots of the water -related device?Technically, yes, but hiking boots usually have a hard rubber bottom, they slide on the wet surface.In addition, hiking boots are more likely to collapse after repeated dunk and extended underwater use.

  Who made the best wading boots?
Simms, ORVIS, Patagonia, Korkers and Redington are the best wading boots.

  Why do I choose to have a wading boots with a felt sole?
The most important thing is that the bottom of the felt shoe provides the best grip for the wet wet rock.If you want to get involved in the gravel or the small rocks with a lot of indigenous coasts, then the sole will not provide too many advantages than the rubber sole.However, in the large circular and peaceful rocks covered with smooth Slime, I feel that the wading boots usually win during the water traction.In addition to being banned in five states and some countries /regions, the disadvantage of felt is that if you spend a lot of time on shore or walking on the path on the path, you feel that the soles will be thin.

  Buy Simms, Patagonia, ORVIS and Korkers wading boots from, and deliver more than $ 50 free of charge on most orders!

  Why do I choose the wading boots with rubber soles?
Over the past few years, the rubber seam water -related boots have taken a long way.Although they are wading in most streams, they are not as good as moving, but as rubber technology and tire design become more tense, the gap is quite large.In addition, the best rubber pad boots with metal threads or the ability to stick to the thread with additional grip.The core benefit of rubber sewing boots is that they are more nervous on the river banks and traces around the river and streams, and are not affected by the above -mentioned bans.By the way, we began to see the latest wading boots that are tending to the soles of rubber, which may be due to focusing on regulations and possible invasion species.

  Although you can use most of the high -quality wading boots as salt water boots, the best salt water wading boots avoid cheap metal hardware, which may be corroded in the harsh marine environment.However, it is always a good idea to rinse the boots with fresh water after the salt water fishing trip.

  Simms Freesalt Saltwater Wading boots -These boots are made of non -corrosive materials, which makes it very suitable for fishing coastal and salted water. Salt can destroy your fishing gear.

  If you encounter trouble in balance or ankle stability, then your most important equipment may not be the best wading boots -you should invest in excellent employees to help you browse the difficult water and trails.In addition, consider automatically or immediately inflatable life jacket vests in order to optimize the best safety in fast or deeper water.

  View our guide, this is 10 best fishing waders.


Outdoors |Fly fishing the Lower Colorado River

When Angus Drummond was busy leaning his drifting ship from the ramp on the ramp, and then entering the lower reaches of the Colorado, I walked a short distance along the shore and arrived at the fishingman who was busy.Following the place where the fish is landing.

"It was a very good brown catfish," he shouted carefully from the cat’s mouth and released the fish.

When I saw the catfish returning to the river, Angus stuffed the boat into the water, and John Gierach was going to climb the ship.I signaled that he moved to the front seat of the boat and then went to the rear seats.

I won the success of the bank fishing in the day of fishing.This is a leap of faith, because when John and I arrived in the mud the day before, walking down to see the river, this is definitely color.You may even say dirty.I said a few other descriptive "pots", but I would not go there.

The condition of this river is not surprising.When I was talking to Angus a week ago, he said that there were some mudslides in the past few years, and color water was close to permanent features.However, it can fish in the early stage and tends to be moderate in the later season and can be fishing.Nevertheless, when we first saw water, this was still shocking.

Initially, I hope to repeat the unforgettable travel with Angus before the big popularity.We use p Hopper to imitate the bank to mash the bank so that most of the daytime buoy is.That’s a stem fly paradise.

This time I let me know the influence of mudslides around Angus, and the mudslides actually caused some fish to kill.He said that we may still catch catfish on the surface, but we may want to suspend the brery below the dry flies to increase the chance of success.In addition, we should also prepare fishing.

He said, "You will capture catfish, but this may not be what you want."

When we first saw the river, I briefly wanted to know if we would catch any fish, but quickly reminded ourselves that you must believe in your guide, I believe in Angus.A few years ago, we worked at the same clothing fisherman in the South Platte River.At that time, he was already the highest guide.I told people that no one will get a better drag drift than Angus, whether it is fishing or nymph, no one can teach this skill better than him.

Over time, Angus is becoming more and more interested in floating fishermen on the Gunnison River, and eventually moved to Newcastle, the Colorado River, where he wasA guide to the Fishing Field Fishing Farm of the Colorado River.

I really let John know Angus told me information about the river status, and we agreed that we would still do this.Both of us have been known enough for a long time that when we involve guiding travel, or in any fishing journey, this is one day in 365 days, and you will take action.

Before we drove into the river, Angus suggested that we should try to cover all the foundations of fishing technology.One of us will start fishing, and the other will have stem flies and two dropper.John’s flying rod has been equipped with a sink pointed flying wire, and he knotted the black color tape to his toes.I have a fat -old -fashioned flies with a big chopped Nobelley, with small beads and pheasant nymphs and zebra Midge nymphs as droplets.

Angus went to the river to leave us and started our first game, and John hooked the Rainbow Bow.After that, the color of the color does not seem to be so sinister.I fishing for a while for a while, but after John hung up again, I switched to the ribbon.We managed to land a few good catfish in the morning and did a lot of follow -up and "close fishing" before the matter slowed down.

Then, we went to a dry drop -tubing drill and fishing near the river bank.Angus allows us to focus on good drifts on the edges between mobile water and clearly defined foam lines.He also ensured that we fished any soft beach near the bank.

We didn’t pick up a fish, but I fishing in most cases was stable.We mainly caught some rainbow brown catfish.

One day fishing has various shapes and sizes.In those perfect days, the cabin is out, and you grab the catfish left and right.In other days, you can do hooks and landing any catfish.I like the situation in the middle, the situation seems a bit severe, but the river surprises you.Maybe the weather is terrible, but fishing is great.It may be that the river is not colorful, but the catfish is hitting the ribbon.

Then, on the most difficult day, signs of hope.You also witnessed a coastal fisherman and caught catfish before putting the boat in the river.Your friend hung up on his first actor lineup.A beautiful brown catfish takes away the large stem flies that you drift on the foam line.

With the development of a day, you are still here and there to catch catfish.By the end of Fuko, you realized that you had grasped your share under the difficult conditions and said to yourself, "That is really a miracle!"

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Angus Drummond was directed by the Colorado River, roaring forkhe, the floating trip on the Gangnison River Canyon and Xiagensen River.For more information, visit

Lost Creek Men’s Xti Wader Pants

  Lost Creek Men’s Xti Wader pants -fisherman designed by fisherman.Select the fabric carefully, use the optimal price at the best price to use breathability and durability.Before leaving the factory to ensure the waterproof integrity of the product, each lost creek wades thoroughly testing.When you buy Lost Creek Wader, you will ensure high performance, huge value, and most importantly, the dry fishing experience.

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Review: SJK Gear Hone Backpack

Let me get sky Regarding outdoor activities.

camp It is where you play and sleep outdoors.If you don’t sleep, call One -day campEssenceNo (or urgently need to exist) Sleeping campEssenceThis is a redundant, because we already have a good word where you sleep and hell outdoors; it campEssenceI’m not sure what Sleeping camp Eventually English.The continuous infantization of language.

I will admit that sometimes you will eventually sleep in a day camp, but this has a simple and feasible solution. "We went to the day camp, but suddenly found that we were surrounded by the angry bees, so we were trapped in it and finally stayed in the camp for a few days."

Now, if you go to the day of camp or just spend a day in the woods, then you need something to bring your own things.It was a day.Whether it is reconnaissance, hunting, fishing or hiking, there is enough space to meet all your direct needs, but it must be lighter enough to not give you a burden.

I need a new black back, and SJK is very friendly, and I can give me a matte backpack to me.When they call it BackpackBecause of its size and weight & ndash; 3.3 pounds.And 33 liters & ndash; I really think this belongs to the night category.Of course, the first thing I want to do is to be overloaded for the weekend.""I took a fishing journey during the day, but found that I was surrounded by an island surrounded by the angry Brook catfish, so I finally took a few days."

What is effective


Backpack during the day is challenging things.Too small, they are useless, too big, you will eventually fill what they do not need.Because I tend to overplay and perfect my needs, I tend to be greater choice.It has two rods, scrolls, flying fishing equipment, wading, boots, clothes, simple food and water.It was filled, but when I threw it onto the shoulder without the space without the belt, it was comfortable.Once it is restrained, it will stay in place.Under the fixed load and hip and chest straps, I did not move or bend quickly.The packaging is left in the position, the combination of aluminum stay and the HDPE framework makes the load easy to manage.

Unusual on the back of the day is that there is a second smaller packaging & ndash; they call it Beavertail & NDASH; connect to the main packaging by compressed belt, and fix the rifle or pole between the two.There is a bag at the bottom, which can accommodate the buttocks of the gun. In this case, there are two rods.In addition, you can tighten the bottom band on the beabal, while the top of the strap is loose to create a shelf to load bulky items or the animal area accumulated in packaging.Although I didn’t try it, my guess was that you could install a small tent and bag in it.

Gear carrying system

Some people will say that the choice of carrying rifles is essential or useful in the backbag, and the suspender on the shoulders is better.certainly.But for the chest of the buttocks, it is unparalleled.I also have other packages packaging along the side fixing rod. They work well, but I find that this is not very burdened and I feel that the pole is safer.

There are two pockets on the beaver, and there is a groove between the two, which can be used for rifle rest. There are two large pockets on the side, and there are two smaller pockets on the hip belt.The main partition has a cloak opening, which can easily access the interior, although you have to unlock Beavertail in order to fully open it.

What is not

put up

Light and reasonable means some sacrifice.I would like to like to pack a more clever shoulder strap, not a 2 -inch woven belt, because I had failed there before.I think it will benefit from a longer time.Its height is 21.5 inches, a width of 15 inches, a depth of 11 inches, and the hip belt is rushed properly. The backpack is located on the back.In addition, a few inches can also make the shoulder straps enter the body and top of the backpack like now, and there are some rain caps that can be caught.The stronger dual zipper on all compartments will be great.There are a lot of Moor woven belt, but for me, this is just to show.For hunting bags, I don’t want many things to bounce outside my backpack.

In loads and warm weather, you will sweat, but the rear panel is not designed for chips and decentralized excess water. I feel that after an hour of hiking.


Some people say that this material is not Ultra Quiet & NDASH; warn the bow hunter & ndash; as the hip pockets are satisfied, your arm will rub and make noise.But how often do you follow up with a complete packaging?I really think this is a non -problem.I will bring it into the woods in the deer season, so I may change my mind.But I doubt.


It is a beautiful packaging, but it will be more common and attractive in solid color.The camouflage in the wild packaging was overestimated, and I felt like an idiot with a camouflage backpack.SJK Gear reached out and said that they are constantly developing packaging, so there may be some solid colors that are coming.

The last sentence

The scrub is a affordable & ndash; the retail price is $ 169.95 & ndash; there is a solid, lightweight packaging, with a thoughtful choice that can bear heavy load and embarrassing equipment.Cover you for a day.I am really happy to add it to my useful content concentration.When I wrote this article, I packed salmon fishing for a few days on M?rrums?n, Sweden.

I just need to face the airport.

Bennet goes fishing with unaffiliated angler, touts public lands advocacy in TV ad

US Senator Michael Bennet captured a fish in his second election television advertisement, which emphasized the record of Colorado Democratic Party on public land.

The advertisement began to be broadcast on Tuesday.

This 30 -second advertisement provided politics to Colorado before the release, including flying fishing refers to Greg Felt, which is a voter from Salida.When Arkansas River was in trouble, he attributed Bennet to Bennet, and he fought for public land.The pole is in the hand.

"We all know what will happen when the senators go to Washington. Special interests have trapped their hooks and they are in confusion. But it is not Michael Bennet. He always focuses on Colorado."

"I am not a Democrat, but I know that Michael has not picked up bait from Washington. He works in Colorado."

In addition, he said: "He is leading the struggle to defend our lifestyle. Protect our public land. Promote the health of forests and watersheds. And supports companies like me."

The location will run on the radio stations of Denver and Colorados Pins for two weeks, including the lens of the Bennet Rovefing Felt in the River, and the photos of the two.

"I am Michael Bente. I approved the news. I caught the fish," the candidate said.

His campaign said that Bennet’s campaign will spend $ 600,000 on the advertisement, turning the money spent since mid -July.Essence

In the case of seeking his third term, BenNet faced the challenge of the owner of the construction company Joe O’Dea. He was spared in a expensive primary election.Member Ron Hanks.O’Dea has not been broadcast since its first victory.

"Michael knows that public land in Colorado is important to our state’s economy, and our legacy is crucial," the Bente’s campaign manager Justin Lamorte told Colorado politics in writing."That’s why he worked so hard in the Senate to pass legislation so that this is why no matter what their political parties, they will protect our outdoor space for everyone."

BenNet’s campaign pointed out that this year’s legislation and senators support established AMACHE to establish AMACHE, which is the Japanese American detention camp during the Second World War of Colorado.The large -scale two -party infrastructure method includes hundreds of millions of dollars, including hundreds of millions of dollars, to help Colorado and other states recover from wildfires.The law includes Benat legislation to restore forests and grasslands, reduce the risk of wildfire and protect water supply.

Feel will be his second term and a special commissioner of Chaffee County.According to the financial report of the campaign, he has made moderate contributions to Republican and Democratic candidates in the past 12 years.

"Michael is an independent thinker who listened to the Colorado and learned from the Colorador," said the campaign spokesman Georgina Beven in an email: "Michael includes protector, outdoor outdoor outdoorReflecting business owners, ranch owners and farmers. "

DNR opens more St. Croix State Park trout fishing opportunities

DNR opens more opportunities for catfish fishing fishing in St. Cruwa State Park