Navy Grad Speaks to Southern Md. Students from Space Station

Last week, Maryland launched the first whole state fly fishing trail in the United States, including 48 attractions, including two attractions in each county, and two cities in Baltimore.This trail is the product of fish and Hunter Maru, which is a partnership The Ministry of Natural Resources of Maryland and the Ministry of Commerce of Maryland "Promote fishing, hunting and shooting movements … to increase the economic impact of Maryland’s tourism industry through the rich natural resources of the state." This trail is divided into five regions, respectivelyIt is western Maryland, Maryland, Capital, East Coast and southern Maryland.

The trails in Maryland concentrated each location on a unique fly fishing experience, "from the streams of streams in Maryland in the west to the big mouth bass of the east coast pond to the striped bass of Cocypik Bay."It not only touches these species, but also has a dozen, even snake heads and channel catfish in the north.Over the past two years, a unique and diverse team dedicated flies fishermen have developed this road.Chairman Rich Batiuk, director of retirement science at the EPA Chesapeake Bay plan, the pillar of the Fisherman Club of Liberty State Bay announcement Why did he sign the project.  

"I have always been fishermen for 50 years. We are full of passion; we like to help, share flies, technology, and even attractions. We also hope to extensively expand our movements and break the stereotypes of eliteism and costs, so as toEncourage women, colorful races, young fishermen. There are many aspects of flying fishing: thinking about waves, winds, structures, thinking like fish, there are things to do, so you don’t look stupidly standing in the stream, justLook. This is the whole process, which is much easier than most people realize. It feels, dragging boats, capture, release. We call Maryland as "micro America" and have so many opportunities in such small areas.","

Batiuk said that this trail aims to connect people with local companies, including guidance and instructor, flight shops, related companies and clubs."All trail packaging can make it access. In addition, we hope that people will know the opportunity of flying fish fishing for this trail throughout the four seasons. The menu will change every week, such as an excellent French restaurant, and open, 24/7, 24/7/365. "

Please visit the website of Fly Fishing Trail to obtain more information and blog articles from capturing the charm of quietness, even if it can be excited by the exciting writer of the adrenaline pumping in Maryland.

-John Page Williams

Review: Orvis Built the Pro Wading Jacket for Fishing Guides

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ORVIS PRO water -related jacket commentORVIS PRO water -related jacket comment

  Orvis said that professional wading jacket is "breathable, waterproof, windproof … can perform."The amateur fishing person to the fishing guide, this jacket aims to help everyone compete with the weather.

  Spring fishing in Montana usually means snowfall and rain shower -it is very suitable for testing this kind of flying fishing shell without insulation.In the element, the swinging ribbon and slowly strip them away, which gives me the opportunity to measure the freedom of action while tolerate the weather.

  Note: I will test ORVIS Pro Wading jacket in spring and summer, $ 349, and conduct durability comments.At present, I have preliminary feedback on the functions and structures of jackets.

  ORVIS PRO water -related jacket commentORVIS PRO water -related jacket comment

  Professional wading jacket is one of the three new sets of the ORVIS wading coat series.The core function of the jacket is made by the designed for flying fishing, making a shell without insulation.The humid spring, the temperature is 33 degrees, which can be performed perfectly on the river.

  ORVIS PRO water -related jacket commentORVIS PRO water -related jacket comment

  I need to chase the temperature needed for the temperature needed for all day.The real size cutting is very suitable for layers, and the scope of movement is full.At a cold temperature, there was no complaint when hanging bugs.

  ORVIS uses a custom three -layer fabric for the shell.The polyester and PU layer pressure mixture holds DWR treatment outside.The internal joints are tape to prevent water.ORVIS claims that the 20K waterproofing and 15K breathability of the wading jacket is 15K permeability, which is suitable for moderate fatigue in low humidity environment and cool weather.

  This structure blocks the mixture of rainwater irrigation, and is perfectly beaded as your first outing of the high -end coat.My body is still warm, and at the same time, it is completely bundled together to cast and repair my 9 -foot 7 -feet 7 -weight bars.

  ORVIS PRO water -related jacket commentORVIS PRO water -related jacket comment

  This is easier to accumulate the heat of the body than you expect, and the breathable jacket can be expelled well.I look forward to using this jacket throughout the season to understand its performance in warm weather, and there are fewer levels.

  Two vertical zipper chest pockets that are professional in water -related jackets have enough space to accommodate the flying box.Even if there is any space, the jacket has a "internal zipper safety bag" and a "internal power network eye bag" for more storage space.

  In order to capture the choice of flies, there is a small magic sticker on the upper left chest.The tool anchor point is on both sides of the upper chest.The D -shaped ring (for net attachment) is located on the back of the jacket.

  ORVIS PRO water -related jacket commentORVIS PRO water -related jacket comment

  ORVIS includes micro -plastic structures in two main areas: manual pockets and collar/neck areas.When other parts of the body are numb, these small touch brings welcome comfort.

  Aquaguard is used in the zipper of all jackets, and fixed incredible good water from various angles.

  The comprehensive dolphin skin sleeve strap system was introduced into a professional wading jacket to create a water wall barrier when landing and release of fish.A thoughtful detail, although I can see the cuffs that need to be maintained.

  Waiting for further review throughout the season, I came to some conclusions.

  Professional water -related jackets from ORVIS have everything needed to become an excellent senior jacket.The brand placed detailed features when needed, otherwise it will be simply maintained.

  ORVIS PRO water -related jacket commentORVIS PRO water -related jacket comment

  The only negative number is the price label of $ 350.However, this is the standard of the course for advanced jackets.Given that it has a YKK Aquaguard zipper and a lot of thoughtful touch on the fishermen, it is a solid value.

  There are two colors of men’s professional wading jackets, and women’s models have one.It can now be used on the ORVIS store and the brand’s website.

Fridays on the Fly: The Last Best Man

Friday immediately: the last best man

  Most fishingrs can be traced back to their early days of their flying fishing journey, and then to a single outing, and often make the outing from dear dad. Dad is often the main reason why most fishermen and women like and eventually become enthusiastic about fishing. But the situation is not always the case.

  At this time of last year, this outdoor brand Yeti turned this assumption to my mind with a moving video series called "My Old Man". This series follows several outstanding outdoor athletes and women, and emphasizes their respective their father’s role in bringing outdoor fun into life, and their own children to choose to share outdoor forces with outdoor forces.

  One of the videos introduced HiLARY HUTCHESON, and I interviewed an article about flying fishing women last year. Hutcheson grew up in Glacier, Montana, where her father was the Ranger of the National Park Service, and he had a unique story.

  Although her father’s family descent has fallen into a flies fishing culture and tradition, he has never regarded it as a kind of passion, but instead chooses the stimulus of climbing and other pursuit of the search and rescue that is more closely related to him. Essence Ranger is NPS. The following video title is "The Last Family", following Hilary and her father Dave. They made his first flying in the family waters in northwestern Montana in the northwestern Montana Prefecture. Fishing adventure.

  This is a moving short video that shows a rare role reversal. The daughter of fishing is obsessed with the art of fishing for flying fishing from her novice father, not the opposite. This became particularly exciting when Dave hooked his first catfish near the five -minute mark.

  The rest of the video in the Snowman’s "My Old Man" series, including a great short film, read on the fishing guide of the legendary composer Townes Van Zandt, J.T. Van Zandt and video analysis big wave surfers and fanatical hunter SHANE DORIAN, click here.