Navy Grad Speaks to Southern Md. Students from Space Station

Last week, Maryland launched the first whole state fly fishing trail in the United States, including 48 attractions, including two attractions in each county, and two cities in Baltimore.This trail is the product of fish and Hunter Maru, which is a partnership The Ministry of Natural Resources of Maryland and the Ministry of Commerce of Maryland "Promote fishing, hunting and shooting movements … to increase the economic impact of Maryland’s tourism industry through the rich natural resources of the state." This trail is divided into five regions, respectivelyIt is western Maryland, Maryland, Capital, East Coast and southern Maryland.

The trails in Maryland concentrated each location on a unique fly fishing experience, "from the streams of streams in Maryland in the west to the big mouth bass of the east coast pond to the striped bass of Cocypik Bay."It not only touches these species, but also has a dozen, even snake heads and channel catfish in the north.Over the past two years, a unique and diverse team dedicated flies fishermen have developed this road.Chairman Rich Batiuk, director of retirement science at the EPA Chesapeake Bay plan, the pillar of the Fisherman Club of Liberty State Bay announcement Why did he sign the project.  

"I have always been fishermen for 50 years. We are full of passion; we like to help, share flies, technology, and even attractions. We also hope to extensively expand our movements and break the stereotypes of eliteism and costs, so as toEncourage women, colorful races, young fishermen. There are many aspects of flying fishing: thinking about waves, winds, structures, thinking like fish, there are things to do, so you don’t look stupidly standing in the stream, justLook. This is the whole process, which is much easier than most people realize. It feels, dragging boats, capture, release. We call Maryland as "micro America" and have so many opportunities in such small areas.","

Batiuk said that this trail aims to connect people with local companies, including guidance and instructor, flight shops, related companies and clubs."All trail packaging can make it access. In addition, we hope that people will know the opportunity of flying fish fishing for this trail throughout the four seasons. The menu will change every week, such as an excellent French restaurant, and open, 24/7, 24/7/365. "

Please visit the website of Fly Fishing Trail to obtain more information and blog articles from capturing the charm of quietness, even if it can be excited by the exciting writer of the adrenaline pumping in Maryland.

-John Page Williams