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Patagonia Men’s Gunnison Gorge Wading Pants

  When the heat of summer and the icy catfish stream gathered together, imagine your favorite khaku fishing all day long.Only the wet feet and the bumps of goose.This is our Gunnison Gorge’s pants -pants -the greatest comfort concept.Constructed by a single seam structure, this seam from the highest wear area routing to a vital area to improve durability and the 4 -layer H2NO? performance standard fabric we test and passes throughWater deworming), gunnisons keeps you dry and comfortable.In the water, they look and feel like ordinary pants, with side burrs, which can create a clean tailor -made waist, making them easy to get up and down, self -effect belt ring and a stretched wading belt, and have a low -key ones with low -key onesCurbine belt buckle can be adjusted.The bended knees and the improved Y joint CROT improved the flexibility, and the new tablet gravel guards exhausted water faster than our old design, and resisting and wear at hikes or wading.Below the new gravel guards, the stolen goods we have improved are more anatomical, similar to the fit of socks, made of thick 4mm chlorine rubber.Compact.Moreover, because you are always only one step away from accidental swimming, the internal waterproof TPU welding utility pockets can protect the camera, telephone or alarm remote control.Including on -site maintenance kits.

  These multifunctional and lightweight waterproof/breathable water -related pants have the side burrs, which can easily open and close it, and make more tailor -made and cleaner in the waist production.They have updated the stolen goods and gravel hoods in anatomy, and have less tablet structure to reduce wear.

  H2NO? Performance Fiber Shell, which has a proprietary waterproof/breathable barrier and C6 DWR (lasting insect repellent) trim SSC (single -seam structure) seam completely eliminating the inside of the belt ring of the legs of the legsThe seams on the highest wear point; the full elastic band; the hanger ring on the back of the internal center, can easily and dry thread racks, make it easy to open and close, and make it more tailor -made on the loose Lege leg.The volume of the left and right boots is cleaner, which is more similar to socks.Elastic 4mmmmomyene can resist more durability Flat-Panel Construction, which simplifies the fragmented wear and Wearh2no? performance standard shell: 4 layers, 5.6 ounce 100 % polyester fiber microorganisms, high density Taftev,The tower, with water level waterproof/breathable barrier and C6 DWR (durable) (durable) (durable) (durable) (insect repellent).Stubing: 4 mm chloroprine rubber, the bottom of the wear -resistant fabric is 887 g (31 ounces) in Vietnam.